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What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things is the offspring of M2M and Cloud platforms.

IoT is the culmination of decades long developments around remote data capture, tracking, automation and control systems. It is built on services such as Telemetry, Telematics, SCADA , to name but a few.

The 2000’s saw parallel developments in communications (M2M) and cloud hosted data services. In communications Machine to Machine (M2M) developments started breaking out of vertical specialised solutions with generic IP based solutions. The growth in hosted, and then cloud hosted, services saw parallel developments driving common standards and lower costs in deploying applications and processes throughout the business.

Bringing these streams together has wrought what we call the Internet of Things.

The changes that has seen the explosion from M2M to the Internet of Things are developments across all aspects of the technology stack, reducing investment cost and development time.

Key developments include:

  • Out of the box, and lower cost, hardware supporting IP

  • Improved power management

  • Standardised application support, especially Java and Web Services

  • Ubiquitous lower cost of wireless WANs

    • Cellular - GPRS, 3G, LTE, esp Cat 1/M 

    • LPWAN technologies (LORA, NBIOT, RPMA, SigFox, Weightless)

  • HAN standards for Sensor connectivity (eg. Bluetooth/Zigbee/Z-wave/Wireless M Bus et al)

  • Data analytics driving increased value from data

What hasn’t changed is the primacy of the customers’ business strategy and plans in driving a project to deliver business value. EnVision M2M works with the customer to clearly identify and evaluate the M2M opportunities within the customer business strategy and then work with the Customer through the full project life-cycle to deliver success.

EnVision M2M

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